Will there be day-tickets
Of course! Here.

Where is the location of the festival?
Have a look at the map rockimperiumfestival.es/en/map/ and how to get to the site rockimperiumfestival.es/en/how-to-get-to-the-site/

Can I exit and return to the festival?

Can I pay with my credit card at the festival
Have a look at Cashless.

Can I bring my photo camera?
Only compacts will be allowed (or your phone’s).

¿There will be a left-luggage/cloakroom service?

Is there any items which are not allowed inside the festival
Yes, have a look at www.rockimperiumfestival.es/en/not-allowed-objects/.

Where can I buy my tickets?
At www.madnesslive.es

I can’t find my ticket, what can I do?
Write to Costumer Services www.madnesslive.es

Will there be tickets at the box office?
Yes of course, from June 23 at 12:00 at the ticket office at the entrance of the festival.

How much are tickets at the box office?
As in any concert between 10/15% more expensive than anticipated.

Do I have to print my ticket or will it be ok to just carry it on my phone?
You can bring it on your phone.

Are the tickets nominal?
No, we won’t check the name at the entrance.

Does the subscription allow me to enter the Litha Night coming out party?
No, as announced from the beginning, it is a separate event with a very limited capacity that is sold separately.

What do I do if I find a lost object?
You can take it to the box office.

Where can I park my car?
You cab find more info about it here www.rockimperiumfestival.es/accesos-y-parking/

Can I bring any good or drinks inside the festival?
You can bring one sandwich and a bottle of water with no cap no bigger than 50 cl.

Do I have to give my ticket to get my wristband?
You can ask our personnel to give it back to you, or you can just download it again from your user area at www.madnesslive.es.

Is the cashless system the only method of payment available at the festival?
More info here www.rockimperiumfestival.es/en/cashless/

How can I recharge my cashless wristband?
More info here www.rockimperiumfestival.es/en/cashless/

Will there be any seats at the festival?
There will be a rest area, you can see it’s location here, although bear in mind those won’t be grades to see the shows https://www.rockimperiumfestival.es/en/map/

Will there be band signings sessions? when will we know it?
We are on it, it will probably be known the same day of the festival.

Do you we have to be vaccinated to attend the festival?

We expect the festival to happen in a normal post-COVID situation. Should there be any changes, we will notice you with as much time as possible. Right now there are NO restrictions.

I need medical help, what can I do?
At the festival map you can see all the medical areas, go to any of them and they will check on you.

Will there a camping site?

Can attendants under the age of 12 go to the festival for free?
More info here: www.rockimperiumfestival.es/menores/

Where is the VIP zone?
More info here https://www.rockimperiumfestival.es/en/vip-podium/

The VIP Podium zone will always be accessible for those who have the VIP upgrade, and of course you can use the general areas as well.

Regarding minors in the VIP Zone: A minor 13 years of age or older will need VIP entry. From 0 to 12 consult https://www.rockimperiumfestival.es/es/menores/

Will there be portable toilets or permanent toilets at the festival?
Both options will be available.

Will there be any shaded areas at the festival?
Of course!

Will there be any shuttle buses stopping in the surrounding towns?
Yes, you can check it here www.rockimperiumfestival.es/es/autobus-lanzadera/

Is there any chance the shuttle buses will stop in a different town?
Unfortunately, not. The main purpose of these shuttles is to offer more options for accommodation other than in Cartagena. Remember that there is an area where you cn park your car close to the fetival.

Can I get my friend’s wristband?
No, wristbands will be given by the festival organization.

Can I get the money from my wristband back?
Yes, more info about it here: www.rockimperiumfestival.es/en/cashless/

Why are management fees charged when requesting a refund of my bracelet?
It is a manual job that will be carried out by qualified personnel, however you can always calculate the cost so that you have nothing left to spend on your bracelet. That way you won’t have to ask for a refund.

Will there be gluten-free options for food and drinks?

Will there be vegan and vegetarian options?

How reusable cups work
The first glass will cost €2, and you can change its size at the bar depending on what you order, but not return it, the ideal is to take it home as a souvenir and be able to reuse it in subsequent years, thus reducing waste in The enclosure.

Can I bring my backpack to the festival?
Yes, a small backpack, a purse or a totebag.

Is there any zone for people with reduced mobility?
Yes, there will be a designated zone for that. You will find more info about it here:https://www.rockimperiumfestival.es/es/movilidad-reducida/

Are there seats in the area for people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities?
No, it is a raised platform to guarantee visibility but it does not have seats.

Is there parking enabled for people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities?
The parking enabled by the City Council and the festival is for the general public https://www.rockimperiumfestival.es/es/accesos-y-parking/ you will have no problems

I have won a raffle and/or I am invited, what do I do?
We will try to send you the invitation by email, if it has not arrived before the date of the festival, the day of the event it goes through the box office, it is essential to show the DNI. If you already have your invitation, go to the bracelet area with it and they will exchange it for the corresponding bracelet.

I have some questions that do not appear here, who should I write to?
Send an E-mail to help@rockimperiumfestival.es


First of all, be kind and respectful to the rest of the attendees, so that we all can have a great time at the festival

Bring comfortable clothes

Keep an eye on your personal items