New service!

Charge your cell phone and store your personal items in the festival’s lockers.
· Five sizes available.
· Located at the entrance to the festival (next to the bracelet area).
· Open the lockers with a code.
· Book one or all days of the festival.
· All have three plugs, two USB and one USB-C for mobile charging (cable not included).


FROM 4€/day

· Reservation available until 06/14/2024
· Or while supplies last


FROM 4€/day

· Small locker with two USB plugs and one USB-C
· 11.5X22.3X37.9cm


FROM 7€/day

· Medium locker with two USB plugs and one USB-C
· 20.9X22.3X37.9cm


FROM 9€/day

· Large locker with two USB plugs and one USB-C
· 24X20X32cm


FROM 11€/day

· Long-deep locker with two USB sockets and one USB-C
· 24X20X42cm


FROM 15€/day

· Extra-large locker with two USB sockets and one USB-C
· 27X30X45cm


From the links above you can make a reservation in advance. It can also be done at the festival itself but we recommend doing it in advance since you may run out of luggage during the festival dates.

You can bring all the packages that fit inside, with the exception of prohibited items. Remember that you pay per rented Locker, not per package.

All objects whose mere possession or trafficking is illegal (such as stolen objects, drugs, pornographic materials or, in any way, degrading to human beings, etc.).
Objects whose possession requires a license, without said license or authorization (such as weapons and/or ammunition).
All types of material that is polluting or dangerous (such as flammable objects or dangerous substances).
Animals of any type or any other type of living being.
Food cannot be inserted into the Lockers, unless it is packaged food that cannot spill, stain the Lockers or produce odors of any kind in the Mobile Locker premises.

You can hire the locker rental service for a period of between 1 day and the duration of the festival.

The rental service for each locker will be accessible during festival hours.

Once the purchase is completed, you will receive confirmation and the storage number. To open the lockers you can choose to link a card or an alphanumeric code that you will enter at the time of purchase.

You can access the rented storage room as many times as you want or need during the rental period. Therefore, if you have forgotten something, want to add more packages or need to access your locker during the rented period, you can do so without problems within festival hours.

Mobile Locker nor the festival is responsible for the objects deposited inside the lockers.

Your objects will be in the same storage room and you will have to pay the cost of the extra time. If the festival ends, your objects will be handed over to the festival’s lost and found items.

In the event of a breakdown, blockage or any other type of incident in the use of the locker, you have the Mobile Locker assistance service at your disposal, which you can use by written communication to the following address

Lockers general conditions for web booking

1. The reservation is only considered complete after we have received full payment and you have received a confirmation email with the details of your reservation.

2. A reservation through our online infrastructure entitles you to a locker of the chosen size. After checkout, a locker cannot be exchanged for another size/feature combination.

3. Sales can be refunded on a case-by-case basis by contacting us and providing details of the reservation and the reason for cancellation.

4. Refunds requested after 14 days of the order date will be considered non-refundable by default.

5. Refunds of a reservation must be requested before 14 days prior to the event, counted from midnight in the respective time zone of the event for which the cancellation was requested. Refunds requested after this deadline will be considered invalid.

6. Requested refunds will always be considered partial refunds. Administrative fees have been paid to initiate your reservation and handle payment. These costs will be considered the end user’s charge and will therefore be subtracted from the refund amount.

7. The use of the locker during the reserved time is at the discretion of the user. There will be no refund for unused reservation days.

8. We reserve the right to deny cancellation if the refund request does not meet the prerequisites set out above.

Download General conditions relating to the reservation

Instructions for use