The festival has an area intended for the exclusive use of people with reduced mobility. Buy ticket.

The PMR platform will be located next to the VIP terrace on the wall, thus providing it with a preferential elevated view of the 2 main stages and allowing the best access to the area of stage 3 Murcia Region Festival, food trucks and market. Obviously you will be able to circulate freely throughout the premises.

There will be an exclusive transport service for PMR (can be seen on the map) that will facilitate access to the PMR platform and the 3 Festivales Region of Murcia stage area.

PMR taxi service hours: 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. uninterruptedly each day.

With each PMR, a companion who is not a PMR may be uploaded. PMR taxi stop location: See Location

* There will also be toilets specially designed for them. etc

** The condition must be proven through an official document on the day of the event.